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PDARN is the Pacific Drug & Alcohol Research Network.

The main aim of the Pacific Drug and Alcohol Research Network is to provide a sound evidence base and research capacity to address the problems of drug and alcohol use in the region. Furthermore, from a foundation of understanding and respect, we aim to work alongside government agencies, the private and public sector, faith and community based organisations, to enable people to strengthen their communities and respond to the challenges resulting from drug and alcohol use.

Key Aims of the Network

  1. Create opportunities for inter-disciplinary and multi-method social science research in the Pasifika on licit and illicit drugdrug and alcohol use and to broaden the constituency of the PDARN.
  2. Develop research capacity in the Pasifika and create academic, civil society and professional research collaboration.
  3. Create sustainable research partnerships between government agencies, community bodies and others interested in topics related to licit and illicit
    drug and alcohol use issues.
  4. Develop substantive research proposals and seek appropriate funding.
  5. Develop a research evidence base to inform policy and practice in the Pasifika.
  6. Use a range of web-based and other technologies to expand and explore the potential of PDARN.

This website is supported by the Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) Asia-Pacific Drug Issues Committee.

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