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Kambati Uriam
Kambati Uriam
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Assistant Lecturer
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Kambati Uriam is from Kiribati from the kainga Nibantawaa on the island of Abaiang, and he is married to Neina who hails from the island of Onotoa in southern Kiribati.  Before joining the USP in 2012, he had been teaching in theological schools at Tangintebu and the Pacific Theological College for more than 20 years. His BD and MTh degrees are in theology from PTC and his MA and PhD degrees are in History from the Australian National University. He is an Honorary Staff of Charles Stuart University as external supervisor and examiner for their doctoral students. 

Teaching Areas

He teaches Pacific Pre-Contact history, the Colonial history of the Pacific Islands from the period of early European contacts to the beginnings for decolonization in 20th century, as well as research methods and techniques in history for post-graduate students. 

Research Interests

His teaching and research interests are in Pacific Islanders/indigenous presentation and reconstruction of the past, and the place and role of Islanders theological thinking in the emergence/creation of the modern Pacific with an emphasis on the social visions of Christian Churches/leaders in the Pacific from the beginning of the 20th century, but especially from the end of the Second World War to the present. He is currently collaborating with colleagues from Kansas University looking at how I-Kiribati knowledge, awareness, and adaptation can help address the challenges of environmental change. 

Professional Affiliations


  • Member of the Pacific History Association (PHA).
  • Publications in USP Electronic Research Repository

Publications in USP Electronic Research Repository


  • Uriam, Kambati (1995) In Their Own Words: History and Society in Gilbertese Oral Tradition. Journal of Pacific History. Canberra, A.C.T, Australia. ISBN 0959547770

Chapter in Books

  • Uriam, Kambati (2001) New Order in the Pacific  In: Affirming our ecumenical journey. Pacific Conference of Churches, Suva, Fiji, pp.87-90.
  • Uriam, Kambati (2001) The Pacific After World War II In: Affirming our ecumenical journey. Pacific Conference of Churches, Suva, Fiji, pp.112-116.
  • Uriam, Kambati (2005) Doing Theology in the New Pacific  In: Vision and Reality in Pacific Religion: Essays in Honour of Niel Gunson. Pandanus Books, pp.287-311. ISBN 1740761197

Book Review or Scholarly Comment

  • Uriam, Kambati (2006) Island Ministers: Indigenous Leadership in Nineteenth Century Pacific Island Christianity. The Pacific Journal of Theology, pp.109-111. ISSN 1027-037X: Series II.
  • Uriam, Kambati (2005) John Hunt: An Apostle of Fiji. The Pacific Journal of Theology, pp.116-117. ISSN: 1027-037X Series II.

Journal Article

  • Uriam, Kambati (2000) Editorial. The Journal of Pacific Theology, pp.1-4. ISSN1027-037X: Series II.
  • Uriam, Kambati (2004) A Gracious God or a Powerful God: Re-thinking Theology in the light of Contemporary Issues in the Pacific. The Asian Journal of Theological Studies, pp.102-105.  ISSN: 02172631
  • Uriam, Kambati (2006) H.E. Maude: Our Unimane and Friend. The Journal of Pacific Studies, pp.248-251.   ISSN 10113029    

Unpublished Papers

  • Uriam, Kambati (1992) Hiram Bingham Jr, and the Translation of the Kiribati Bible.KPC Executive Paper, Tarawa (Unpublished)
    Uriam, Kambati (1994) Women and Society in Gilbertese Oral Tradition, Division of Pacific & Asian History, RSPacS, ANU (Unpublished)
  • Uriam, Kambati (2008) Community as the point of reference for Identity and Being in Kiribati. UNICEF, Ethics of Knowledge Production Workshop, Apia, Samoa (Unpublished)
  • Uriam, Kambati (2009) Ara Onimaki ae Otabanin: Ecologizing our Faith. KAP II Project, Kiribati Government, Tarawa (Unpublished)
  • Uriam, Kambati (2009) Local Government Reform: Betio Town Council. Town Planning and Development, Betio Town Council.(Unpublished)
  • Uriam, Kambati (2011) Island Reports: Issues in relation to Climate Change. Office of Te Beretitenti, Kiribati Government. Tarawa (Unpublished)
  • Uriam, Kambati K. (2012) Protestantism and the formation of modern I-Kiribati identity. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)
  • Uriam, Kambati., Jay T Johnson , Eugene C Rankey (2013). Learning from Indigenous science: I-Kiribati knowledge, awareness, and adaptation to environmental change (Unpublished)
  • Uriam, Kambati (2014) Kiribati. In: Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices. Thomas Riggs & Company and The Gale Group, Missoula, Montana, USA. (Unspecified)
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